Homelessness Analytics

Access critical national, state, and local information about homelessness and related factors.

Explore Maps & Variables

Choose from dozens of homelessness related data points to map at a variety of geographic resolutions and scales over the last several years.

Model Changes in Homelessness

Access models of how different demographic, economic, and safety net variables affect homelessness. Interactively change values and see forecast results.

Charts, Graphs, and Tables

Chart trends in homelessness over time, explore relationships between social indicators and homelessness, and download tables of data.

About the Homelessness Analytics Initiative

The Homelessness Analytics Initiative (HAI)—a collaboration between the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)—is intended to provide users with access to national, state, and local information about homelessness among the general population, homelessness among Veterans, risk and protective factors for homelessness, services and resources. The aim of the HAI is to empower communities, organizations and individuals with critical information on trends in homelessness, factors related to homelessness, and services in place to prevent and intervene in situations of homelessness. Additionally, the HAI will enable the VA and HUD to plan and allocate resources, and effectively coordinate efforts to address homelessness, by linking and leveraging data held by these two federal partners, and by creating links with other national-, state, and community-level data sources.